by Marty Hall
A Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall PTR Book
ISBN 0-13-089340-4
First Edition

This page describes the older first edition of the book. For more up-to-date info, please see Core Servlets & JSP, Second Edition.

"The book you choose can determine your success as a Java Developer. I found 'Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages' to be the cornerstone book to launch my career as a Java Developer. [...] The last time I checked, Amazon had this book as the number one seller among Java books. Need I say more? Get the book." (See more reader reviews.)

  • JSP/servlet training courses. Developed and taught by the book's author.
    • Programming with Servlet & JSP Technology. Intermediate-level course based on this book. Server setup and configuration, form handling, HTTP, cookies, session tracking, using JavaBeans, MVC, JDBC, the JSP 2.0 expression language, and much more. Offered May 17-20 in Columbia, MD.
    • Advanced Servlet, JSP, & Struts Programming. Advanced course based on More Servlets and JavaServer Pages. Filters, declarative and programmatic Web application security, advanced custom tags, JSTL, Apache Struts, JSP 2.0, and much more. Offered May 24-27 in Columbia, MD.
    • On-site JSP, Servlet, & Struts Training Courses. Customizable courses taught by Marty at your organization. Choose any combination of topics from Marty's Java, JSP, servlet, and Struts courses.
  • Course Materials. Training materials from Marty's live servlet & JSP short courses. PDF freely available to everyone. PowerPoint freely available to qualified instructors.
  • Book reviews. From readers.
  • Free examination copies. For instructors at qualified institutions.
  • Book table of contents and index.
  • Try before you buy. Complete text of book, available in PDF for free access.
  • Using Tomcat. Quick configuration and usage guide.
  • Source code archive. Code for every example in book.
  • API for all code. Javadoc format.
  • Order book from 30% off. English version only.
  • Foreign translations. Book is available in Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified Script (Mainland China), Chinese Traditional Script (Taiwan), Czech, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.
  • New: More Servlets and JavaServer Pages. Sequel to Core Servlets and JSP covers servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, servlet and JSP filters, life-cycle event listeners, tag library validators, the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), declarative and programmatic security, using and deploying Web applications, every element in web.xml, and much more.
  • Servlet and JSP programming resources. Docs, specs, servers, IDEs, Web hosting providers, books, and more.
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Awards received in December 2001:

This book from Sun Microsystems Press and Prentice Hall provides the definitive reference for the latest J2EE standards: servlets 2.2 (including complete coverage of HTTP 1.1 and its use in servlets) and JSP 1.1 (including writing custom JSP tag libraries and integrating servlets and JSP). The book includes hundreds of completely portable, fully documented, industrial-strength examples (all of which are available on-line for unrestricted use) as well as setup and configuration details for three top servlet/JSP engines, including Apache Tomcat. It is divided into three parts: servlets 2.2, JSP 1.1, and supporting technologies (HTML forms, applets as servlet front ends, JDBC).

Some reader comments:

For details of topics covered, see the short summary or the complete table of contents. Click here for info on short courses taught by the author and based on the book.

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The book has been very well received since its introduction at the end of May 2000: