by Marty Hall
A Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall PTR Book
ISBN 0-13-089340-4

Foreign Translations

CSASJP in Bulgarian Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, written originally in English, is currently being translated into 11 other languages. In addition, a reprint of the English version in India is expected to ship in mid 2001, providing a much cheaper way for readers in India and nearby areas to get a copy.

Also note that the author is available to teach on-site JSP/servlet short courses at corporate locations internationally, as long as the course can be held in English or a translator can be provided. English-only versions have been taught by Marty in the US, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines. Versions with an interpreter were taught in Japan. See for details on arranging a course. will ship the English edition internationally, and the English version should be available in major technical bookstores in most countries. For example, Marty taught a servlet and JSP short course in the Philippines, and some of the attendees flew in from Singapore. They reported that Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages was the #1 bestseller at the biggest computer bookstore there ( However, readers who prefer an edition in their native languages can order through their local bookstore or via the contacts listed below.