by Marty Hall
A Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall PTR Book
ISBN 0-13-089340-4

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Entering the Warp Core of Java Servlet Technology
This book is hot, very hot and well worth every single penny you may want to spend on it plus a whole hill of beans more. I'm currently the lead Java Servlet developer on a Sun Microsystems internal intranet site and amongst our development team this is THE book to use. We also recommend it to everyone who asks. So that's the sizzle, where's the sausage? In the last three months it's helped us out many times, when we've been between rocks and hard places, I've lost count. Amongst many other things it's provided us with a robust, flexible and top notch web security system, the ability to generate GIFs on the fly and the easy use of secure HTTP servlet and applet tunnelling (Ok, so I didn't REALLY need to write that applet calculator but this book is so much fun I couldn't help myself - gotta get out more). With a mixture of solid blocks of clear text to explain things and solid blocks of production-strength code to "develop" from (which always work first time when you "adapt" them), this book is a serious winner and should be top of anyone's list of "Java Servlet books I must buy". There's an awful lot packed into these 500 plus pages, way beyond the "Core" that the title suggests and IMHO this is clearly the best Java book Sun Microsystems Press has ever produced (BTW I'm a contractor and not part of the Sun share-option scheme :-) [...] Top work! 8-)
This is It!
I'm still a java/jsp newbie. I invested a significant amount of money in several books on the topic. As I read, learn and grow - this one particular book has become my java bible. It is written in a clear, concise format. The structure of the chapters is logical and progressive for a beginner. Forget the rest - buy the best - and this is the book.
Thanks for Writing the Book
The book you choose can determine your success as a Java Developer. I found "Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages" to be the cornerstone book to launch my career as a Java Developer. Other books by publishers like Wrox use a dozen or so authors to cover complex subjects such as server side programming. Sometimes this breeds confusion and an inconsistent writing style that's hard to follow. The difference between a good book and a great book is the number of authors, level of skill and ability to teach. Marty Hall teaches Java for a living and has mastered the Java language and the skill of teaching. He obviously has encountered many question from thousands of students and orchestrated his book toward learning. The last time I checked, Amazon had this book as the number one seller among Java books. Need I say more? Get the book.
Your search for a JSP book ends here
This is such a great book, that its difficult to speak highly enough of it. Not only is it a great book for the subject area that it covers - it also should be used as a textbook for other editors, writers and publishing houses on how to put together a good technology book. The main advantages are that it excludes all superfluous background/marketing lingo. This means that the book is useful and relevant from the first page - rather than the 3rd chapter [...] You will find the content loaded with insights, pointers to be aware about, and a natural flair for good teaching.
Core Servlets sets itself apart from other JSP books
This book is truly a good buy. If you are new to JSP and servlets then I would definitely recommend this book. Before I bought this book I purchased professional JSP by wrox press and it was badly written and its explinations were unclear. Plus the number of spelling mistakes in that book were rediculous, making the book untrustworthy. Marty Halls's book is organized well and clearly explains the technology so that anyone can understand it. It is also advanced enough to be used as a good reference. If you have ever had trouble staying awake while reading a programming book, don't worry, Core Servlets is actually written well enough to keep you interested and awake. So I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in JSP or Servlets. It is also easy to skip around the chapters if you want to read up on something specific. It tells you in the chapters if it is discussing something from another chapter, which can be very helpful if you don't understand that topic or if you have not read the other chapter yet. He also has a nice web page with notes on JSP and all sample code in an easily downloadable format.
Best book for servlets and jsp
Marty Hall's book ( Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages ) got me up and running with servlets and jsp in a very short time. It gives many excellent real world examples and is written in an intelligent and straight forward manner. It is not too much to say that its the best book I've ever read with regards to a technology I am interested in.

Definitely the one to get if you're into servlets and jsp.
Simple outstanding coverage of this exciting technology
To anybody who wants to learn more about Servlets and JSP, this is the absolute standard reference, in my view. Itīs a pleasure to read, easy to understand, lots of examples and worth every dollar you invest. I did not find a book which covers Servlets and JSP better in detail.
The Author speaks to you!
This Java book is not one of those dead, dull and boring computer programmming books that you have to use in college. He has a way with his pen that brings the java code to life! I think this book is the way to go with servlets and jsp programming. I would recommend this book over many others I've seen out there. This book you won't just read you'll Enjoy it!
Great coverage of all that is JSP and Servlets!
From start to finish a great book. I was very pleased with the coverage from the basics of describing the technology to very extensive code examples. Each topic was covered in exhaustive detail. I judge a technology book based on how easily a technical subject can be understood and how well the coding examples apply to help learn the concepts. This book rates 5 stars in both regards!
The best book on Servlets/JSP seen so far
I was hunting all over the net for a book which could clearly explain in the best possible ways the concepts of Servlets/JSP's. Many articles were available but not very convincing ones. But this book by Marty Hall is really worthy of all praises. It was just the kind of book I was looking for. It explains the concepts in a very smooth way covering the required basics and taking the reader to advanced topic level. I could never have asked for a better book than this. It was like a "Stop here, Look no further" for information of Servlets/JSP. This is no doubt a "Must buy" [...]
Excellent Book
This was the book we chose for our in-house training class, so our entire team of software engineers received a copy. Most were new to these particular technologies, but a few had a fairly good background in the subject. The unanimous opinion of the group was that the book is excellent. Not only is it well-written, but it has few, if any, mistakes. We've not found any typos, grammatical errors, syntactical or other types of code errors in this book. The content is extremely useful in a real-world context, and we have already begun putting the information from the book to use in our applications. This book was obviously written by someone who has worked extensively with these technologies.
Absolutely Excellent
I am a student at Kings College London studying Computer Science. I found this book very concise and easy to follow. Everything in the book was relevant, and all examples ran without a hitch with the exception of the online travel one, about which I emailed the author and received a very timely reply! Same day in fact! Unbelievable. I would recommend this book to anyone as it has both depth and practicality without detailing irrelevant historical facts about how technology has evolved etc etc. This book will get you programming excellent JSPs and Servlets quickly and easily! What more could you ask for!
Solid Book, Concise and error Free
In summary, a great book. I have struggled with many books that got lost in 1 complex example so you could not get your hands on reference material. Other books give perfunctory explanations that have no practical meaning. Still others are so full of mistakes, you realize they were thrown together. NOT THIS BOOK. Concise reference material, good small usable examples that support the material, and the book has been error-free for me so far. You can go into greater depth after you absorb this book. However, you will always refer back to this book because it is readable and clear. Finally, good direction on how to get these running on you home machine for practice. In short, get it and try the examples and start experiencing JAVA on the web server!
Best combination of JSP & Servlet reference
It's quite difficult to find a good book about servlets. Even more difficult when it comes to JSPs. This book covers both topics in an extremely practical and logical way. It gives solutions to real-world problems and many of the code samples can be used for your own application development. One of the strong points of this book is explaining the implications of various HTTP rechniques that can be used in combination to servlet programming. Tunelling is of extremely importance in overcoming the limitations of the firewalls. Overall I consider the best book for both newcomer/advanced JSP/Servlet programmer.
Clear explanation of servlets and jsp technologies
This is the book to read to have very clear and concise explanation of how to set up whole servlet/jsp environment to begin to develop your own servlets and jsp pages. Then Marty will take you on a tour on how to implement and think about implementing useful servlets explaining what's behind the technology you use. This is a very practical and useful book for anyone who wants to jump into the world of server-side java technologies and quickly become a proficient in the field.
Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages was great
This was a very informative, organized and well written book. It left no questions concerning servlets and JSP unanswered. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning these skills.
Excellent introduction and good HTTP discussion
This is a great book if you'd like to get going with JSP/Servlets. Especially useful are the bits about HTTP headers, response codes, things like that, which really get you into the heart of the HTTP protocol and using servlets to actually extend the power of the server, not just generate dynamic documents. Also, very cool display of servlet power by creating dynamic Excel spreadsheets--a good example of how you can use servlets to build a server to serve just about anything. [...]
Great Book
I was able to go from to zero to "up-to-speed" on servlet programing with this book. Well written. Never had any servlet programming experience before. You will get your value for this book, and you will UNDERSTAND what the servlet is doing. Pretty cool.
Core Servlets/JSP -- exactly what it says
Excellent reference guide for JSP and servlet information. The author has a knack for explaining things in ways that programmers understand not only the how but also the why. This is not a text for beginners, but instead hits its target dead on -- somewhat experienced java developers moving from enterprise applications to web-apps. [...]
Great Reference
I have used this book as a resource for a course I am taking. It has served as an excellent reference. Easy to find things. This book contains an incredible amount of information written in an easy to use logical format. Interspersed comics and humorous examples give it alot of "light relief".
Exceptionally good book
I was at first reluctant to post this review because I didn't want to let the secret out. But to be fair, I must say this is the best book on servlets I have seen. It has a great section on http headers that I have not seen so well documented anywhere else. I have one copy and I plan to buy more for my colleagues, since it's usually out on loan when I need it the most.
Great Book for JSP and Servlets
Great book Marty. I used this book to write JSP pages for my company's client server application, which uses Weblogic server. This book starts with the basic concept, like where to place files once you write your code (most of the authors omit this info) and other basic details of customizing your web server and covers all the advance topics you ever need. I used other books like Professional Java Server Programming and wasted three days and with Marty's book I was able to finish everything within two days.
The Best Servlet and JavaServerPage Book!
Mr. Hall's book is a comprehensive explanation of servlet and JSP technologies. It starts with the basics concepts and walks the reader all the way through to the more difficult concepts. Mr. Hall's writing style keeps the "heavy" stuff light. I have moderate Java experience and I'm a server-side Java neophite. Mr. Hall's book had me going in no time and I'm now creating an enterprise web application to interface with a legacy database.
Excellent Book!
I agree with the other 5 star reviews. This is an excellent book! The material is well organized, the sequence of topics is appropriate and easy to follow. Examples are clear and useful. The author has a knack for explaining the essence of the technology and then presenting details in examples that further develop his ideas. Be sure to visit the author's companion web site -- not only to download all of the coding examples -- but also to obtain the latest instructions for installing Tomcat and other software packages.
An awesome book on servlets and JSPs
This is one awesome book on servlets and JSPs. Honestly, I didn't have any prior experience or knowledge in Java, but entering the world of Java through servlets and JSPs is actually refreshing. This book really helped me alot, and it's definitely a great buy. It's really worthy to be in my computer books collection.
One of the best!
I have read 4 different Servlet and JSP books. I was looking for a good book teaching JSP/Servlets. This book is clearly the best. A very interesting format, to the point and clear examples. No chapters on Java History, Why Java is the best lang and useless information like that. If you know how to program in Java and want to get in to Server side programming. This book is all you need.
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