Free Examination Copies

If you teach a servlet, JSP, CGI, J2EE, e-commerce, or Web programming course at a college or university in North America, ask for a free sample copy of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages directly from Prentice Hall (the parent company of Sun Microsystems Press). Just click on the button below. If you teach at a college or university outside of North America, request a copy following the region-specific directions at Marty's previous book, Core Web Programming, has been used at Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Berkeley, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins, to name a few. Note that college and University instructors can license course materials to use in for-credit courses in degree-granting programs very inexpensively. See the course materials page for details.

If you are an instructor for a private training company or represent the training group of a corporation and are seriously considering the use of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages for a servlet or JSP course where all students would purchase or be given the book, please send your name, title, postal mailing address at your corporate location, phone number (for UPS), and a short description of the intended course to [email protected], and we can probably arrange to have a free copy sent to you. International instructors, in particular, please note that the publisher will not send a copy without this information.

Similarly, if you write for a magazine or other publication and would like a copy for a possible published review, please send the name and postal mailing address of your publication to [email protected] and we'd be happy to send you a complimentary review copy.

Instructors can also license course materials derived from the book. PowerPoint slides and student exercises that you can use or adapt in your courses.

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