Demystifying Jakarta Struts

An Introductory Apache Struts Tutorial

Section 1: Understanding Struts Section 2: Installing and Configuring Struts
Section 3: Processing Requests with Action Objects Section 4: Handling Request Parameters with Form Beans
Section 5: Prepopulating and Redisplaying Input Forms Section 6: Validating User Input
Section 7: Composing Pages with Tiles Struts training course materials (in PDF)
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As an author, consultant, and instructor, I get a lot of questions about Apache Struts. As a developer of Java-based Web applications, I had a lot of questions of my own when I first got started.

These questions almost never involve advanced Struts capabilities. Instead, they are almost always variations of these basic questions:

This free tutorial is an attempt to answer these questions. It is not an exhaustive reference on Apache Struts. Far from it. Instead, it is intended as a Struts Quick Start Guide to get you going. Once you are rolling, you can get more details from the Jakarta Struts documentation or one of the various Struts books.

Also, this tutorial is not meant to be an evangelistic "Why everyone should use Struts and why MVC is impossible without it" manifesto. On the contrary, I don't think that all projects should use Struts, and it is quite easy to implement the MVC architecture using the standard RequestDispatcher. In fact, some Struts aficionados feel that I exagerate the negatives of Struts in the next section. I like Struts, and think it should be used on many (but not all) projects. Still, it is better to start a project with a realistic feel for both the advantages and the disadvantages than to be disappointed when the reality does not live up to the expectations.

This is the first draft, version 2/13/2004. Contact [email protected] to report errors or omissions.

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